Without doubt, the most under rated sportive in the cycling calendar, the Alpenbrevet. The longest route is a staggering 274km and goes over five legendary Swiss alpine passes: the Grimsel, Nufenen, Lukmanier, Oberalp and Susten. In all, it takes nearly 7,000m of climbing. Even the 'easy' silver route is challenging, covering 120km over the Grimsel, Furka and Susten passes. The Alpenbrevet represents one of the toughest alpine cycling challenges, but it is set in the most stunning location you could wish for.

”If you enjoy punishment, the Alpen Brevet in Switzerland serves up 278km with more than 7000m of climbing.” - Cyclist Magazine

We have a few places for this event as it is limited to 3,000 participants. Please register your interest as soon as possible contact us to avoid disappointment.

The Climbs by numbers
Susten pass: 2,205m
, HC climb, 18km 7% ave. radient
Grimsel pass: 2,164m
HC climb, 26km, 6% ave. gradient
Nufenen pass: 2,748m
, HC climb, 14km, 8% ave. gradient
Lukmanier pass: 1,827m
, HC climb, 17km, 5% ave. gradient
Oberalp pass: 1,998m
, HC climb, 20km, 4% ave.gradient
Furka pass: 2,429m
, 1 climb cat, 11km, 6% ave.gradient
San Gottardo pass: 2,045m
, HC climb, 12km, 7% ave. gradient

About the Alpenbrevet
Platinum Tour
Distance: 265km
Elevation Gain:
Major Passes:
Susten pass, Grimsel pass, Nufenen pass, Lukmanier pass, Oberalp pass
One of the most toughest route you can drive at all: The Platinum Tour. Stunning views of mountains, glaciers on the passes, and long descents down towards the palm trees in Ticino. Maximum Kudos to anyone who completes this loop by 9pm!

Gold Tour
Distance: 160km
Elevation Gain:
Major Passes:
Susten pass, Grimsel pass, Nufenen pass, Gotthard pass.

On the Gold-Tour the "Tremola" is waiting for you; the Paris Roubaix of the alps and a legendary cobbled street that is a Swiss monument.

Silver Tour
Distance: 120km
Elevation Gain:
Major Passes:
Susten pass, Grimsel pass, Furka pass.

The classic "3-Passes-Circle" from Andermatt to Andermatt. 3 Passes, each 2000 meters above sea. You will cycle pass James Bond Street and the scene where James Bond Goldfinger was filmed.

Itinerary for the Trip

Day 0 - Friday 23 August - Arrive
Transfer pick-up from Andermatt train station to the 4* accommodation in Andermatt, where you will able to unpack and prepare your bike with the help of our mechanic. A short local ride for anyone wanting to make sure their bikes are in full working condition and to stretch their legs.

We will then go and pick up the bibs from the village and to soak up some of the pre race atmosphere before heading out for a pre-race dinner. A quick briefing to discuss the plans for the morning and the latest weather situation before a good nights sleep.

Day 1 - Saturday 24 August - RACE DAY
Elevation Gain: Platinum 6,831m Gold 5,094m, Silver 3,675m
An early breakfast before the short cycle to the start line in Andermatt where you are go through your pre-race routine for a 6.30am start. Don’t forget your lights!
We will then meet again at the finish for some some post ride recover refreshments. A well deserved dinner and to share stories over a few well deserved drinks!

Day 2 - Sunday 25 August
A light spin of the legs for those wanting to or a relax in the hotel pool. Depart or stay another night.

Day 3 - Monday 26 August
Transfer and depart from Andermatt train station.

Accommodation will be in the hand selected hotel with complimentary swimming pool in Andermatt. Convenient for the start finish line of the event (depending on which course you do) and Andermatt train station.

Getting to Andermatt
Travelling by rail from the south takes you through the old Gotthard railway tunnel (in its day the longest train tunnel in the world) to the historical village of Göschenen. Here you change onto the Matterhorn Gotthard line, which takes you through the Schöllenen Gorge and past the Devil's Bridge to Andermatt.
Coming from Valais or Graubünden, you can reach Andermatt on the Matterhorn Gotthard line or the Glacier Express.

  • Transfers from Andermatt train station to the hotel

  • 3 nights Bed & Breakfast accommodation in 4* hotel. Excluding dinner, lunch & drinks

  • Complimentary OTE sports nutrition

  • Branded Katusha cycling jersey

  • Guaranteed entrance to the race.


Prices from £1,200 per person

*Single or double occupancy rates apply.

Deposit – 50% required 120 days prior to the event to confirm your place.  Please confirm if you would like to go ahead with the booking and an invoice with deposit information will be sent.