Can I hire a bike?
If you can’t bring your own bike it is possible to hire a quality road bike. We would need to know your exact measurements and requirements as soon as possible to ensure the bike was fitted properly. We would require you to bring your own pedals.

For more information on prices and bikes available please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I hire a power metre?
We can arrange for you to hire a power metre during your time here. Please let us know in advance. 

What gears do you recommend?
This is very important as it will make a big difference to your trip.
For cycling up long cols and multiple climbs having the correct gearing to suit the terrain is crucial.

While very strong climbers may prefer a standard double 53-39 chainset or (more likely) semi-compact 52-36t chainset, most riders will appreciate a compact 50-34t chainset paired to an 11-28t cassette. If you know climbing really isn’t your strength, opting for a cassette with a 30 or 32-tooth sprocket (if your bike will accept it) will give you an extra gear or two.

If you are unsure about anything please do not hesitate to ask. It’s better to have the correct setup before you travel. Contact us.