Welcome to the Bernese Oberland! The highest density of peaks over 4,000 metres, which means there’s quite a few mountain passes above 2,000 metres. The perfect training destination. Legendary passes buried in the Swiss Alps is as stunning as it is breathtakingly steep. 

To improve you have to stress your body. There’s no better place than to do it on the alpine passes of Switzerland.

Take on 6 HC climbs in 2 days, such as the Grimsel pass and the Gothard pass; Paris Roubaix and Alp d’Huez combined!

Make sure you’re in peak form for the Maratona, Marmotte, L'Etape du Tour and the Haute Route. Tackle challenging routes, harder if not more demanding than those famous amateur sportives.

Experience the snowy peaks, the alpine pasture, the noise of the cow bells and perfect swiss engineering – the smooth roads and the impressive dams.

There are numerous cols, including the Gotthard pass, a road which many describe as Alp d’huez.

Day 1 – Thursday, Arrival in Ulrichen

Travel from either Zurich or Geneva by train to Ulrichen, along lakes, through vineyards to the edge of the Bernese Oberland at an altitude of 1,297m

Stretch your legs, look at the views, have some chocolate; relax you’re in Switzerland.

We will look at your previous history of data, and recommend intensities to help you get the most out of the weekend.

Day 2 – Friday

Distance: 112km
Climbing: 3,300m (starting at 1,346m) 
Major climbs: Nufenen Pass (180m) 13.3km at an average gradient of 8.5%
Tremola or Passo del San Gottardo – 14.9km at an average gradient of 6.4%
Furkapass – 2.3km, at an average gradient of 7.3%

A quick warm-up along the flat valley floor below the imposing climbing day ahead which isn't for the faint hearted. The numbers don't lie. 
3 Hors Category Climbs
3,300m Elevation gain
3 passes over 2,000m

The Nufenen pass starts with a few tight sharp hairpins before a vast valley unfolds into view. It is difficult to gauge the distances accurately but after a few minutes pedalling you will be able to see the challenge that lies ahead. The Nufenen is an imposing beast.

The views are stunning and tarmac which helps to distract you from the gradient touching 10% in places. The perfect training terrain for getting in to a rhythm and grinding it out. It's pure relief at the summit. 

A quick break at the top before the long and well deserved descent. Fast, long and technical. You need to get the right clothing depending on the weather and you'll want to perfect your descending technique and body position. Neck, wrist and backaches from being in the areo postion can be common problems.   


3 HC climbs, 111.5km, ~3300m elevation gain

The long descent down to Airolo before the second climb of the day. Described as the "ultimate road" the Tremola or San Gottardo pass. Built in the 1830's, the Tremola boasts 24 hairpin bends that rise to a height 2,091m at Sasso San Gottardo. The reason why this pass is famous is due to the fact the these fantastic hairpins are made from cobbles. Thousands upon thousands of tightly packed cobbles that gives this climb legendary cycling status. Although only an average of 6.4% gradient, it's the cobbles that sap the energy more than you'd think.  

An amazing cycling experience and great training to put the power down to push you up to summit. 

Another chance to refuel in one of the alpine restaurants and an opportunity to take in the scenery before the descent to the next climb. The road is a perfectly smooth and with sweeping corners rather than hairpins, it enables you to really let the bike go and get use to descending at speed. 

The Furka pass, the final climb of the triple-peak challenge is a steady 7.3% and the second longest climb of the day is psychologically draining as you can see the summit from a long way down...it's just a long way up! A great opportunity to overcome the voices in your head telling you you can't do it. Push on and it's a long descent back to the valley floor. You might have time to notice the iconic Hotel Belvedere immortalised in the James Bond film Goldfinger on James Bond Street.

A well deserved relax and a review of the data from the day before a hearty dinner and good nights sleep in a comfy bed before the challenge of the next day.

Nufenen pass – Average grade: 8.5 %, Length: 13.3 km, Altitude start: 1346 m Altitude top: 2478 m, Ascent: 1132 m

Passo del San Gottardo – Average grade: 6.4 %, Length: 14.9 km, Altitude start: 1159 m, Altitude top: 2108 m, Ascent: 949 m

Furkapass – Average grade: 7.3 %, Length: 12.3 km, Altitude start: 1538 m, Altitude top: 2431 m, Ascent: 893 m

All three passes, sitting at well over 2000m!

Day 3 – Saturday


3HC climbs, 155km, ~5200

Furka Pass - Average grade: 6.4 %, Length: 16.5 km, Altitude start: 1368 m, Altitude top: 2431 m, Ascent: 1063 m

Susten Pass - Average grade: 7.5 %, Length: 17.4 km, Altitude start: 916 m, Altitude top: 2224 m, Ascent: 1308 m

Grimsel Pass - Average grade: 5.9 %, Length: 26 km, Altitude start: 625 m, Altitude top: 2165 m, Ascent: 1540 m

Another 3 at well over 2000metres.

Day 4 - Departure


57km, ~1500m

As the good old adage goes, "All good things must come to an end" but before that ride into the hidden Binn Valley. A slightly more sedate ride than previous days but spin the legs - ascend into the secluded Binntal Park.


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