Additional extras can be added  to your package to further enhance your training and fitness experience whilst in Switzerland. 

  • Lactate Fitness Test - Lactate is a measure of how well you will do in an endurance race and how well your training has progressed. It will also allow the coach or the athlete to set training paces. This test can be conducted in your accommodation. - 210 CHF

The following tests will be conducted at the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre in Sion by Arnaud Rapillardwho has a masters in Sports Sciences Training and Performance and is also a professional cyclist.

  • Body fat measure – BOD POD system. The power to weight ratio is an important factor for cyclists. This system is a method of measuring your body composition or body fat. Continual monitoring of body composition can help an individual remain in the correct range for general health and optimum performance - 30 CHF
  • Test on the cycle ergometer : Lactac and VO2max measure. While wearing a heart rate strap, you'll start pedalling on a stationary bike set up for a specific power output. Every few minutes, the resistance increases until you can no longer keep going. At each increase, the technician pricks your finger for a drop of blood, which a machine then analyses for lactate, or lactic acid, the prime marker of muscular fatigue. All the data is logged via a desktop computer, which plots the graph of your results. - 200 CHF
  • Short interval training in hypoxia room  (1 to 4 people) for 1 hour. Hypoxic training, or the practice of limiting oxygen availability while training, has been used for decades to improve performance. Training in this environment will boost the production of red blood cells and aid stamina.-  100 CHF

IMPORTANT: for people above the age of 35,  the Swiss Olympic Medical Centre requires a medical certificate which states that the person is physically fit enough to exercise at maximal effort. If you do not have this certificate, we can arrange for you to have an electrocardiogram test on the day. - 50 CHF

If you would like to add any of these extras to your training package please let us know in your initial booking email and we would be happy to arrange it for you.