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Keeping fit is really a big part of my job, I'm a lifelong running enthusiast but I have rediscovered my love of cycling in Switzerland. While living in London I'd worked for 2 years as a cycle courier and competed in a couple of triathlons, but rarely just went out to ride for the enjoyment of it. The inspiration and achievement of conquering mountain cols, the total immersion in nature, the quiet roads, and the long sweeping and winding descents that are the reward, make cycling in the Swiss Alps a real passion.

Favourite Ride: 

The local ride up to the Mauvoisin dam. It's a beautiful quiet road up the middle of the steep sided Dranse valley. It's a series of climbs that open out towards the end to valley pasture and then a final climb up to the top of the dam itself. It's got the freshness from the glacial waters of the river winding through gorges, the immersion in green and colour from the grasses, trees and alpine flowers and the local human history from the old villages, summer settlements and bridges. 
The photo opportunity at the top isn't bad either!